A quantitative workstation for investment managers.

Enterprai is an organisation founded at the intersection of science and engineering with a vision to become the driving force behind innovation and adoption of quantitative insights in investment management.

We strive to match the analytical capabilities of the most successful systematic firms and democratise them through a workstation for the benefit of the wider investment community.

March 6, 2020

Enterprai entered into sponsorship with Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in Trading (AIDST) Conference 2020 in New York City on June 30/July 1 and became an official exhibitor.

AIDST is the event for senior management from hedge funds and investment banks to discover how to ‘raise the bar’ in terms of technology. This is the largest focused meeting of experts within Capital Markets using AI for alpha discovery, managing risk and optimising portfolios, and takes place annually in both New York and London.

Press release to follow.

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