Start-up Add Former Rokos Capital CEO to Their Team

Having someone who has been through the rigmarole of working in a successful business can be the difference between success and failure for a start-up company.

That’s why many feel that Enterprai, which is an early-stage research start-up for investment workers, is well on its way to achieving success already.

Enterprai’s is developing a smart desktop for investment professionals, who will be able to use their product to make their investment decisions based on research, analytics and quantitative insights in financial markets.

They have appointed Andrea French, the former co-CEO and COO of Rokos Capital, as interim Chief Executive Officer.

The founders of the company, Wojniech Mucha, Tigran Atoyan and Deyan Ulevinov discussed this appointment and the importance of having the right team in place, stating: “Developing a leading product for the industry requires collective intelligence and proven experience in all aspects of building a company.

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