Our approach

The way we approach research at Enterprai starts with asking interesting but well-defined questions about the workings of financial markets that we can help to answer through our proprietary data analytics.

Multi-disciplinary Lens

We view these questions through a multi-disciplinary lens, leveraging the analytical tools and perspectives from a wide range of disciplines, including economics and econometrics, applied mathematics, statistics, and artificial intelligence

Diverse Approach

No one approach or school of thought is appropriate in such a diverse and complex setting

The perspectives and tools of each of these fields provide unique insights and capabilities, allowing Enterprai to address difficult problems with the appropriate methodological framework and rigor

Research Group

We are a close-knit, creative, and ambitious research group, striving to not only ask the questions that no one else is asking, but to solve the problems that few others are attempting to solve

This ambition and creativity, combined with our multidisciplinary approach and proprietary data is what makes Enterprai a unique and highly productive research group